Line up

  • Antoine LAHAY (Electric guitar / acoust)
  • Jonathan DOUR  (Alto/Violoncelle)
  • Julien STEVENIN (Double bass)
  • Marine LAVIGNE  (Vocal, writing)
  • Sterenn Diridoullou (Vocal)
  • Sterenn LE GUILLOU  (Vocal)


The result of a creation entrusted to the violinist Jonathan Dour, Eben has become a solid and original group. Eben combines the talents of singers Enora Jegou, Marine Lavigne and Sterenn Le Guillou, guitarist Antoine Lahay, bassist Julien Stevenin and the assiduous benevolence of Jonathan.

The three singers were initiated by Louise Ebrel to Kan Ha Diskan (traditional singing to answer) of which they digested the classics to better write texts in resonance with the time. Their texts, signed by Marine, evoke women, migrants, minorities or indigenous peoples.

Their singing links the Kan Ha Diskan with many contemporary colors, the particularly silky arrangements benefit from the great experience of the three musicians.

Antoine Lahay’s twelve-string and electric guitars have proven themselves alongside Denez Prigent, Nimaan and Karma, and Julien Stévenin’s double bass has offered its groove to Startijenn, Ronan le Bars and Istan Trio. As for Jonathan Dour’s violin, faithful for years to Denez Prigent, he has been solicited by Dan Ar Braz or Nolwenn Korbell and expresses himself fully in the Dour-Le Pottier Quartet.

Eben is one of the best assets for the future of Breton music.

EBEN is part of the Breton singing tradition and shows a very actual musical accompaniment. Powerful but delicate, like the strings that sublimate the song. The notion of otherness fed the creation of the texts of the first album, inspiring the name of the group EBEN (“the other”). Today, it is the theme of emancipation that they wish to address: between melancholy and revolt, tears of joy and bursts of hope.