Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon


The Galway Girl (2008 Daisy Label) L
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  • country:Ireland
  • style(s):Irish, Traditional
  • label:Daisy Label
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Na├»ade Productions

Line up

  • desmond donelly (fiddle)
  • gareth maher (electric guitar)
  • jim murray (guitar)
  • sharon shannon (accordion)

Sharon is a traditional musician in the loosest sense of the word, her influences are all 'traditional' but from various parts of the globe - Reggae, Breton, Cajun, Gypsy and Scandinavian are just some of the sounds you will hear on any of Sharon's eclectic albums.
From the moment I first heard her I knew she had the golden touch' Frank Custy