We Banjo 3
We Banjo 3
We Banjo 3
We Banjo 3


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Line up

  • David Howley  (banjo, guitar, vocals)
  • Enda Scahill (banjo, mandolin)
  • Fergal Scahill  (fiddle, guitar, mandolin)
  • Martin Howley (banjo, mandolin)


Combining virtuosic vivacity on a multiplicity of instruments with a wide-ranging repertoire of Irish music skilfully suffused with old-time American and Bluegrass influences, We Banjo 3 are reinventing the banjo band sound.

As the name would suggest, they are a quartet of two sets of brothers from Galway okay, only three of them play banjo all festooned with various awards and championship wins as proof of their credentials.

Between them they hold not less than 15 All-Ireland titles and collaborations with an impressive list of artists from Ricky Scaggs to the Chieftains, and collectively they've been picking up Best Album and Best Band awards from the Irish media.

They've just been touring the USA on their Bringing the Banjo Back Home tour and they're ready to show WOMEX what they do best.