Ye Vagabonds
Ye vagabonds

Line up

  • Alain MacPhaidín (harmonium)
  • Brían Mac Gloinn (vocal, fiddle, guitar)
  • Diarmuid Mac Gloinn (vocal, guitar, ban)

Winner of prestigious awards across the Channel, Ye Vagabonds is the sign of the revival of Irish folk music with bright and contemporary harmonies.

Ye Vagabonds is composed of two brothers: Brian and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn. Irish, they share their vision of the traditional music of their country.

Spearheading the folk revival, Ye Vagabonds marry the ancient and the contemporary with delicacy. Each note is suspended, each chord hits the bull’s eye, each line of voice carries the heart to mysterious horizons like the wind on the undulating meadows of the green Erin. History pulses through the duo’s austere arrangements, worthy heirs of Sweeney’s Men or Planxty, but in a modern and exhilarating breath.