Budiño // Showcase 25 Oct Womex13 - Glanfa 21:45h

Budiño // Showcase 25 Oct Womex13 - Glanfa 21:45h
BUDIÑO-live concert
BUDIÑO 14-sept-2013
BUDIÑO-Showcase-Glanfa,21:45h-25 Oct WOMEX13


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BUDIÑO-Nubeiros e Tronantes (Sotaque)
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Line up

  • - BUDIÑO - (Gaita, flute, programming)
  • Alfonso Merino (violin, bouzouki)
  • Begoña Riobó (violin)
  • Carlos Castro (percussion)
  • Chisco (voice, percussion, dance)
  • Diego Cabaleiro (voice, percussion, dance)


offWOMEX 13

Renowned Galician gaita and flute maestro and composer, BUDINO embellishes and enriches the traditional musical spirits of his homeland with edgy electronics, pounding acoustic percussion, fiery fiddling and rousing chanting.

BUDINO is an atypical artist: difficult to find someone who wakes so many admiration up between theirs. Tireless composer, takes root his music in the Galician tradition mixed finely with the most contemporary sounds. BUDINO has published till now six record works (PARALAIA, ARREDOR, ZUME DE TERRA, HOME, VOLTA and SOTAQUE) all of them recognized throughout the world by the specialized critique and with prizes of renown, taking his compositions all over the world and filling theatres in cities like Shanghai, Damascus, Beirut, Casablanca, Tangier, Frankfurt, Milan, Glasgow, Buenos Aires, Bogota or Mexico D.F.

BUDINO forms in the School of bagpipes Moana's Semente Nova and in the Universidade Popular of Vigo. Later it discovers Creatividade Musical's Laboratory of Jazz in Vigo at the same time as his passion for the composition. After works the field of the traditional Galician music for years, he explores other artistic channels touching often with people of the jazz, of the classic one, of the pop or of the Flamenco and sharing cartel and scene with musicians since Van Morrison, Jerry Gonzalez, Jorge Pardo, Capercaillie or Lorient's Symphonic Orchestra.