Synaesthetic Magic

Synaesthetic Magic
Ricardo Passos
Ricardo Passos
Renato Oliveira
Renato Oliveira
Ruca Lacerda
Ruca Lacerda


RUCALACERDA Bateria , Guitarra , Sintetizador, Electrónica . Ricardo Passos
Saz, Flautas, Sonavi, Santur, Sheng, Sazbush, Renato Oliveira didjeridoo
  • 1 Desert Tak
  • 2 Expresso Oriente
  • 3 CARNATIC Visions
  • 4 Reborn Tropic
  • 5 Verde Atlântico
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  • country:Portugal
  • region:Porto
  • style(s):Electronic, World Fusion
  • label:Natural Groove Records
  • type:Band, Trio, Music Theatre Production
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, percussion, visual, string, woodwind, guitar, harp
  • artist posted by:Natural Groove Records

Line up

  • Renato Oliveira (Didgeridoo, electronics, loopstation)
  • Ricardo Passos (Saz, Flautas, Sonavi, Santur, Sheng (Harpa Chinesa)
  • Ruca Lacerda (Drums, Guitar, Synth)


Portuguese trio band that lives the adrenaline on stage, produces a contemporary sound totally improvised in real time using machines, processors and loopstations over didgeridoo, drums, bass, guitar, Saz, Flutes, Sonavi, Santur, Sheng (Chinese Harp ), Pandeiro, Sazbush, Mouth Harp and Konakhol rhythmic language originally from South India, Carnatic zone
I hear what I Saw - 2019 The debut album translates the aesthetic line of cinematographic textures that the imagination of SM reproduces.
The inspiration originates from live improvisations, glitchy and overdubs late night tales and unusual encounters. The background of each musician extrapolates the abstract rhythmic sense where the aroma of jazz is felt in each beat. Synaesthetic Magic is formed by musicians with more than two decades of experience, integrating other formations such as Supernada, Jimmy Pi, Mão Morta, GNR, OliveTree Dance. SM travels the world and decontextualize native musical genres merging ethnic acoustic instruments with electronic ambient vibes. The album guides us to a new era journey while experiencing a retro style in a futuristic setting.