Nerudný promotea several significant festivals including Mladí Ladí Jazz (contemporary jazz) and Prague Music Festival (street music)

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Mladí ladí jazz (The Youth Tune Jazz)

Mladí ladí jazz (The Youth Tune Jazz) festival has been spotting and highlighting foreign and Czech experimental jazz talents since 2008. Aside from concerts, it organises Jazzfruit competition for young jazz bands, the unique Mladí ladí dětem (The Youth Play for Children) jazz workshops for children, specialist workshops for musicians and the year-round Jazzbit club series.

Contemporary jazz and its bold crossovers to other genres are its main focus. Whenever something fresh and daring appears on the scene that Czech jazz fans have not yet heard, Mladí ladí jazz seek to present it to as wide audience as possible.

Mladí ladí jazz actively supports young Czech and foreign jazz musicians. As a part of the Festival, they organise the Jazzfruit international competition for young jazz bands and specialist workshops led by highly regarded foreign lecturers.

The Festival traditionally organizes the unique Mladí ladí dětem jazz workshops for children, led by Oran Etkin, the American composer, clarinettist and Grammy Award winner.

Mladí ladí jazz festival culminates with the Open Air event - a celebration of The International Jazz Day. Admission is free of charge and is also broadcast live over radio and streamed online.

Last but not least, Jazzbit is a year-round club series of monthly musical journeys beyond the borders of jazz.

Alternativní verze:

A jazz festival unlike any other. Mladí ladí jazz (The Youth Tune Jazz) has been spotting and bringing fresh talents of contemporary jazz, related genres and their fusions into light since its inception in 2008. We love jazz, even more when infused with rock, hip hop or electronica! It also presents Jazzfruit competition for young jazz bands, unique Mladí ladí dětem workshops for kids, various specialist workshops for musicians and a monthly concert series Jazzbit. Mladí ladí jazz is a part of the Nerudný festival family.

Prague Music Festival (Praha žije hudbou)

Prague Music Festival is a multi-genre festival of street art. Visitors are guided through it by Uličník (Masked Prankster). Every year more than 500 performances take place in streets and squares all over Prague. The Festival together with artists promotes the concept of art belonging to the streets! Last year’s edition saw about 60 thousand attendees.

The main goal of Prague Music Festival is to present street art to the general public, showing it in its best light, and thus jazz up the everyday life of the capital’s residents. Apart from music the streets of Prague promise performances by theatre groups and artistes . Anyone can enter the programme through the Be a Busker for a Day open call - the busker programme is the backbone of the whole Festival. Performers do not have to worry about violating city regulations - as what is normally prohibited in Prague is allowed during the Festival.

The Festival is also annually supported through performances given by renowned musicians from the Czech and foreign scene, such as for example the London duo Heymoonshaker, Prago Union, Lenka Dusilová, Laco Déczi, Irish multi-instrumentalist ROE, Xavier Baumaxa, Tomáš Klus, Vladimír Merta, Zrní, Aneta Langerová, the American rapper Infidelix, Indy&Wich and James Cole. The international programming interconnects professionals and amateurs, pouring its energy and inspiration onto the streets of Prague.

The long-term goal of the Festival is to change the overall negative attitude of the municipal council to street art.Broad support of the general public that Uličník (Masked Prankster) is trying to win is crucial for starting political discussions on amending city regulations.



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