"Bolero forever" - Los Hermanos Rodriguez

Los Hermanos Rodriguez
Bolero forever



Surely "El Bolero" is the musical genre that best represents the South-American peoples romanticism.
It was born on the island of Cuba in the 19th century from the inspiration of talented composers such as Sindo Garay, Cesar Portillo and others. It lyrics tell about deep feelings and never ending love stories. It is untouched by changing times and continues to occupy its earned place in Latin America music of the new millennium.
Los Hermanos Rodriguez, with their forty year artistic career, are among the most important living musicians performing traditional and modern Bolero. Bolero Forever is an "Best Off" anthology that pays tribute to its cantors and creators: Los Panchos, Benny Morè, Manzanero, Pedro Junko. Bolero will forever be the poetic song of soul, enhanced by musical notes of a sincere heart, under the shine of the tropical moon.