ANCESTRAL - Indigenous Cosmogony, Ritual Art, Sounds of Time


ANCESTRAL is an interesting display of ethnographic art, a wonderful space that shows the original symbolic representations, ritual objects, sacred idols and rare examples belonging to the spiritual culture of the last indigenous inhabitants of the rainforests, islands and mountains on the Planet.

The producer H.Antoni Carvajal together with the anthropologist Mendoh Sierra, scholars of ethnology and the collaboration of some indigenous communities of the far places of the earth, give life to the seductive magic of this event in the unique museum in the world specialized in the recognition of the authenticity in art and antiques: The Museo d'Arte e Scienza in Milan - Italy.

ANCESTRAL transmits an interesting ethnic plurality, evokes transcendental emotions through the universal language of art, music and worship animist beyond a purely aesthetic vision. More than 100 objects from all five continents and over 500 years of history. Andean and Amazonian communities of South America, the tribes of the African savannah and Sulawesi jungle, the mountainous areas of Papua New Guinea, the forests of Borneo and the islands of the South Pacific, reaching the homes of the Mayan people and Taino people who collided with Christopher Columbus. Shamanic worldview, totems of power, amulets, myths and legends. Ignorance, superstition or reality? The worship of ancestors and ancient beliefs have always accompanied humanity. Tribal gods of the primitive Pantheon are still respected and relied upon by millions of people with ancient rites and ceremonies.

ANCESTRAL embraces through sensitivity the more remote indigenous traditions transforming the cultural syncretism in a pattern of union. A journey through the most remote parts of the world in search of the 'primordial enigma mystic art that inspired the cultured philosophies of the past. To this multimedia project take part anthropologists, scholars of philosophy, indigenous representatives of rural communities, traditional music, peacemakers and social organizations, as Sangredeamerica.Org, promote self-determination for native peoples in danger of extinction and the importance of traditional life style.

By Josephine LaRue

article posted by:H. Antoni Carvajal, Network.Records / Sangre de America.Org