"TANGAROA The God of the Sea (Remixes)" - Tiki Taane

Tiki Taane
TANGAROA The God of the Sea

TANGAROA - The God of the Sea

According to Polynesian mythology, Tangaroa is the Maori God of the Sea, the son of Ranginui (the Father sky)and Papatuamuku (the Mother earth).
Tiki Taane is a singer, musician and producer from Ngati Maniapoto community of Aotearoa.
This song was created by Tiki and his father Uekaha in response to Tsunami spirit and humanities lack respect for the Tangaroa and his ocean realm. The track is a shock to the system appropriate for all time (of don't stop contamination) but based on rituals from the past.
The music melting ethnic sounds, Maori Haka prayer, spiritual knowledge and modern beats.The sea is often considered to be the source and foundation of all life, but Tangaroa the Maori God of the water continent can also be destructive.
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