Alfio Antico - Trema La Terrra, the master of Sicilian frame drums is back

Alfio Antico - photo by Julia Martins


live set with fram drums and electronics by Mattia Antico
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"Trema La Terra" is the new album from Alfio Antico, one of the most legendary musicians from Italy, and it features traditional frame drums together with contemporary electric and electronic instruments. Alfio Antico has an extraordinary story and life. Born in a remote village in Sicily he lived as a shepherd until the age of 18, learning the traditions from the elder, the sounds from nature, the music of his flock with 600 sheeps and their bells. Alfio doesn't play roots music only, he's a living exemple of that culture. Since 1979 he became a professional musician, after being discovered by Eugenio Bennato of Musicanova while busking in Florence. Since then, his drums have been the signature sound of many Italian singer / songwriters who looked for Alfio's touch when they wanted to tell the stories of Southern Italy.
He's active as a live performer playing in different kind of festivals, from world music to jazz, soundtracks and contemporary electronic, baroque and religious repertoire, always giving his unique contribution and feel. "Trema La Terra" is produced by Cesare Basile and it features Gino Robair (Tom Waits, John Zorn) and Mattia Antico. It's released on vinyl, CD and digital via Ala Bianca / Warner.

article posted by:Govind Singh Khurana, Niafunken