Blick Bassy

Line up

  • Blick Bassy (vocals, guitar )
  • Clément Petit  (cello, backing vocals )
  • Johan Blanc (trombone, backing vocals )


It was an old photo of the Delta blues man Skip James that inspired Blick Bassy's 2015 album AKÖ, connecting thoughts on the hard life of an itinerant musician in Depression-era USA with a childhood memory in Cameroon of an old man he would see wandering from village to village with his guitar. “He was singing about all his knowledge and speaking bassa, though the young people couldn't understand it, and when I was listening to Skip James he reminded me of this guy and I started to write lyrics about the old and the new generation”. Like Skip James, Blick Bassy's voice is bittersweet, pure and plaintive. His songs, sung in Bassa, are elegantly arranged and accompanied by guitar, cello and trombone. He calls it Folk Afro Blues.