El Tio Carlos

El Tio Carlos
El Tio Carlos by XTB


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Line up

  • Carlos Payoyeye Zarazaga (voice)
  • Charly Torrebadella (Guitar)
  • Frankie Da Silva (Electric Guitar)
  • Laia Ribas (Visuals)
  • Marti Vilardeb√≥ (Drums)
  • Pito Rosas (bass)
  • Tito Carlos (Keyboard)


Known since their beginning in 2006 as the BARCELONA SOUND cult group, 2 years, 1 album and 2 music videos later, EL TIO CARLOS keeps seducing the audience with their boundless enthusiasm, their corrosive and bright lyrics and their personal musicality between pop and World Music. Their fresh and brilliant live show, have taken them to several international music festivals.
They will present their new album in September 09 at the Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic.