A Pedreira
A Pedreira concert at Maré festival 2022.
A Pedreira concert at Maré festival 2022.
A Pedreira with the Cantabrian Sea in the background.
A Pedreira in Arnao beach. © Oscar Gorriz.


Song included in "Segmento cantábrico" album
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Galicia
  • style(s):Folk, Tradimodern
  • label:Fondo Xacobeo 21·22
  • type:Solo, Duo
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, percussion, visual, singer songwriter, guitar
  • artist posted by:Nordesia Produccions S.L.

Line up

  • Pierre Yves-Rougier  (voice, flute, synthesizers, samples)
  • Ugia Pedreira (voice, guitar, tambourines, pandeiro)


"Segmento Cantabrico", the first solo album of Ugia Pedreira, now A Pedreira.

This new work includes a collection of eleven songs and poems that transport us to the new musical and poetic universe of Ugia Pedreira, voice of "Acrobata", Nordestin@s, Marful, Chouteira ou A Comuna del Barruzo.

"Segmento cantábrico" brings fresh air from the north, the wind of its journey; an elegant balance between more organic instruments combined with vintage electronic music, bringing a mini-poem. Under the title "Atalaia Norte", A Pedreira embodies the inspiration provided by the connection by sea with the tribes, clans and towns bathed by the Cantabrian Ocean, from Ortegal in Galicia, to the island of Ouessant, in Brittany, France.

We are facing an album in which spoken word, poetry and song come together and mix; an album of folk composition, of progressive folk, which combines traditional forms of the Cantabrian coast with other flavors of European world music and American folk.

Lyrics and poems by the artist herself, by the Vigo painter and poet based in London Enrique Gavilanes, Rosalía de Castro's "Follas Novas", the poet Marina Oural, the writer Carvalho Calero and the poet Xela Arias, make up this work in which the bipolarity of the organic and the technological, extremes, limits, margins, music as healing, the use and responsible consumption of everyday resources are exposed.

After 12 recorded albums, always around diverse artists, and international tours and varied collaborations, A Pedreira presents itself here with an irrevocable scenic maturity, with a voice that could well be the voice of the Galician blues, with a passion for rock and a wide knowledge of popular roots music.

A Pedreira has changed the direction of the Galician scene several times, at a creative level, in the careful staging, at a didactic or management level. These new compositions come from what she considers most genuine in herself: the thought emitted by a verse or a word. "Writing is my temple", as DJ Spooky would say.

This new way of A Pedreira was created by the Breton music producer and composer Pierre-Yves Rougier who gives the necessary flesh to the melodies and words, which are the skeletons of the songs of A Pedreira, who looked for inspiration in sound architectures as different as the baroque music, metal, techno, Tibetan chants, their own diphonic, Irish and Breton folk, the most shamanic sound…

Without prejudice and with the awareness that we live in a Pangean construction of art, in a larger collage where personal entropy marks verisimilitude, the album comes wrapped in music that is useful for Ugia and Pierre at home, with their daughter Lúa who lives through the ear primary, in the sounds congruent with their way of life. As Foucault said, the true truth is each person's own story. That's why they travel sonically through tribal drums, recalling those folk singer-songwriters of the 70s, appreciating the music of the 80s, exploring sounds in prints (boat engines, cicadas, feet in the mud of the estuary...).

The design and typography are signed by Xavier Belho. The cover photo is by Óscar Górriz. Pierre-Yves Rougier, at the Ty Awel studio, in Castropol, was in charge of the musical production, arrangements and premixes. The mixing and final mastering was carried out by Arturo Vaquero at Abrigueiro Estudios (Friol).

Iván Laxe, on bass, and Alberto M. Lamas, on stelle guitar, collaborate.