Line up

  • Fred Martins (Rio de Janeiro) (voice and guitar)
  • Luis Alberto Legido, LAR (Galicia) (drums)
  • Óscar Fernández (Galicia) (hurdy-gurdy)
  • Paulo Silva (Bahia) (percussion)
  • Sérgio Sales (Minas Gerais) (piano)
  • Sérgio Tannus (Rio de Janeiro) (guitar, cavaquinho, percussion and voice)
  • Uxía (Galicia) (voice)
  • Xacobe Martínez Antelo (Galicia) (bass)

A bunch of Brazilian musicians have discovered in the last years a little sister in Galicia (North Western Spain). In their new house they joined Galician musicians to generate Brasileg@s. A cultural bridge over the Atlantic Ocean. Uxía, Sérgio Tannus and Fred Martins lead this band, drawing a common map of lusophony (the manifestations of Portuguese language in the different territories where it is spoken), through the exchange of rhythms and ideas, the search of common roots and the reflection about identity.

The name “Brasileg@s” evidences the spirit of the project: the fussion between the souls of both cultures, through compicity and mutual ackowledge. They make together that “sailing of saudade” where samba, choro, alala, rumba and baião have place. A mix that continues the heritage that the people from Galicia had taken to the other shore of the ocean. The Galician hurdy-gurdy and the Brazilian cavaquinho give the tuning to that integration in a repertoir that comprehends from Galician Middle Age Cantigas de Amigo to contemporary sounds, including classics from both shores of the ocean and composition reflecting this amazing mix like “A Casa da Xente” and “Samba da Galiza”.