"Eamiritini _ Rimeborn" - Elin Kaven

Elin Kaven
Elin Kaven


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The arctic pixie is back! With her third album “Eamiritni – Rimeborn”, the Sami artist embraces the archaic music tradition of her home in the far North of Europe even more than on her previous offerings. Once again she teamed up with the renowned Finnish producer Juhani Silvola to create twelve songs that are rooted in tradition and contemporary at the same time. Elin Kåven has the rare ability to bring ancient rituals and the archaic, guttural vocal style of her people, the Joik, into the here and now! Take the track “Lynxie”, for example, with a characteristic drum pattern it is a classic Joik, dedicated to Elin Kåven’s beloved cat of the same name. Singing about animals is a Joik tradition.
The extraordinary musician is not afraid to use modern means to achieve her unique sound. On “Gothla” she baffles us with intoxicating synth sounds, which go surprisingly well with the ancient rituals! The cooky redhead, who likes to wear little moose antlers in her hair, makes us swoon with her intense, beautifully arranged ballads such as the Irish folk inspired “Enya”. The wild “Friddja” sees her switching to bass and guitar based rock music. And despite this wide range of styles, the album feels completely homogenous.
On her third album, the experienced tribal belly dancer Elin Kåven creates a mysterious aura without falling into the trappings of sentimental romanticism. But she is at her most intense when she relies just on her voice and very few sound effects, e.g. on “Dohka”. Tradition and modernity are balanced beautifully on “Eamiritni” – another collection of wild and delicate songs.