Northern Resonance

The scadinavian string trio. Scandinavia’s new major folk music group.

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Northern Resonance take newly composed folk music into enormous soundscapes with the audience in full focus.

With the resonant string as their common denominator a soundscape is created that freely moves between subtle details and grand sounds. Northern Resonance’s goal is to give the audience a chance to witness the intense musical connection between the three of them and to listen to great compositions.

In the pursuit of innermost expression, the unique qualities of viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa are combined. Northern Resonance is a meeting where the potential of the instruments and the boundaries of traditions are pushed to break new musical ground.

Northern Resonance consists of the three well-established musicians Anna Ekborg, Jerker Hans-Ers and Petrus Dillner. Their different backgrounds in folk music result in brilliant compositions that catches the listener's full focus in a captivating way.

With their previously untested combination of instruments they let well thought-trough arrangements meet free improvisation in their own creative compositions that takes folk music in a new direction. Northern Resonance brings you on an exciting journey through a grand resonating soundscape that surprises both the new and most experienced folk music-listener.


participating in

  • WOMEX 2021
  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019


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