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When people ask about the nublu sound, Ilhan Ersahin, the bandleader and owner/founder of Nublu keeps the answer simple: “We play music.”

To explain a little more, though, the Nublu sound is a unique blend of elements that could only have been conjured up in the true melting pot of the world—New York City. It started off three years ago at 62 Avenue C with Ilhan and his friends—some from Brazil, some from Eastern Europe, some from the UK, and some from the US. They would just come together and jam, their improvisations developing into compositions that grew out of all their influences, shared and individual: the soul of New Orleans, the rhythms of Sao Paolo, the edge of Bristol, the dub of Kingston, and the beats of DJs from across the globe. Eventually those jams became songs, and those momentary combinations of musicians became bands--bands like Kudu, Brazilian Girls, Wax Poetic, Forro in the Dark, and Love Trio. All representing different moments in time and different sounds, but a similar ideal.

Nublu—the club and the record label—is not about a genre. It's not about a type of person. It's not even necessarily about music. Nublu is about right now.



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