Line up

  • Abdoulaye Traoré (guitars)
  • Bisou Bass (bass)
  • Mohamed Diaby (lead vocals)
  • Philippe Monange (keyboard)
  • Yves William Ombe Monkama (drums)


WOMEX 13 Official Showcase Selection

Debademba means "big family" in Bambara and the heads of this family are fleet-fingered guitarist Abdoulaye Traore and golden-voiced singer Mohamed Diaby. Traore was born in Burkina Faso, spent his twenties travelling in West Africa, playing with bands and picking up playing styles, before setting down in Paris in 2002. Diaby, the son of the Ivoirian griot Coumba Kouyate, arrived in Paris in 2008 from Bamako, after winning a TV talent show sponsored by Oumou Sangare. Mutually inspired by a shared vision of a mix of African styles rooted in the Mandingo culture and influenced by the cultural crossroads of Paris, they're cultivating their own sound where Wassoulou and Ivoirian rhythms and harmonies meet Arabic-Andalusian influences, Ethiopian sounds, Afro-funk, African salsa and the universal blues.