Karl Seglem
  • country:Norway
  • style(s):Global Fusion, Jazz
  • label:NORCD, Ozella Music
  • artist posted by:NYE NOR


A strong voice from up north

In a number of CD releases Karl Seglem
has made use of traditional
Norwegian music, especially Hardanger
fiddle music, as a starting point for
generating new musical spaces, his own
mode of expression. He creates
exciting soundscapes that eliminate
boundaries between musical genres.
Seglem plays ethno-jazz with roots in
traditional music, which is related
to free improvisation and world music.
His new band has a modern acoustic sound
with hints of electronic trimmings.
Karl Seglem plays together with a band
composed of prominent traditional
and top improvisational musicians. This
group represents a continuation of Seglem's
efforts in various projects since the
beginning of the 1990s. The nucleus
of the group consists of Seglem, tenor sax
and goat horn; Håkon Høgemo,
electric Hardanger fiddle (member of group
Utla); Gjermund SIlset, and Helge Norbakken,

Short biography
Music critics have described Karl Seglem as
a distinctive,
innovative musician and composer. The
album "Nye Nord" attracted a great
deal of attention in the Norwegian and
international press, Karl Seglem
has been called one of Norway's foremost
saxophonists, with an original and
distinctive voice and a unique ability to
renew himself. He has also made a
name for himself abroad as a member of
various groups, including Utla,
and Isglem.
As a musician and composer, and director of
the NORCD record company,
Seglem produces and releases his own
music and that of
others. Music that explores the border
between folk-, world music and
jazz. He never takes the easy way out, and
this is why he is so highly
respected. Seglem has worked in a broad
range of musical genres, including
traditional jazz, salsa and Latin music,
Norwegian folk music and original
compositions. Besides composing for his
own band, he also writes music for
theatre, film and video.
Karl Seglem has toured throughout Norway
under the auspices of the
Norwegian Concert Institute, and performed
at all the major Norwegian jazz-
and folk music festivals. His appearances
abroad have included concerts in
Germany, the USA, Japan, Bulgaria,
Sweden, Ireland, Finland and UK.