Karl Seglem
Karl Seglem (Norway)
Karl Seglem playing goat horn
Karl Seglem Band


From the album Nunatak
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  • country:Norway
  • region:Nordic
  • style(s):Jazz, Tradimodern
  • label:NYE NOR
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, percussion, visual, woodwind, piano
  • artist posted by:NYE NOR

Line up

  • Andreas Ulvo (Piano, keyboards)
  • Håkon Høgemo (Hardanger fiddle)
  • Hallvard Gaardløs (Bass)
  • Kåre Opheim (Drums)
  • Karl Seglem (Ten.sax, goat horns)
  • Lars Jakob Rudjord (Keyboards)
  • Sigrid Moldestad (Hardanger fiddle, voice)


Karl Seglem is an acclaimed Norwegian folkjazz star and have created his own identity, fusing the sound of his tenorsax and goat horns with the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, and combining this with modern electric sounds and piano. Out comes bursting power and beautiful melodies, jazz, beats and electronics. The result is totally unique. This isn’t Norwegian music per se. It’s a trans-global sound machine.
Seglem is inspired by life and nature in Scandinavia and creates electric and improvisational journeys, new approaches, new Norwegian FolkJazz. His many recordings and releases sounds fresh, new, powerful and contemporary alive. His music is one of a kind.
The lastest album Nunatak (Oct.2018) receives tremendous reviews in Norway and Germany, and was followed by a successful 12 gig tour (nov. 2018)

Karl Seglem´s music is genre-crossing in the words best meaning. It is jazz, it is world, it is folk, and now and then rocking. Tight, poetic and strong melodies, riffs and ostinatos, joyful rhythms, combined with personal and creative improvisations from some of the foremost Norwegian musicians, collaborating with Karl for years. In the center: Tenorsax and Hardanger-fiddles, spiced with goat horns! Unique instrument-combinations creating lively soundjourneys. A powerful and dynamic band, working together for years.