• country:Norway
  • style(s):Folk
  • label:NORCD
  • artist posted by:NYE NOR


Onkelfolke is an outstanding example of the
new wave of powerful, exciting folk music
groups in contemporary Norway. The
group's debut album, “Kasta beinet”, will be
launched by NORCD October 2005.
Onkelfolke plays arranged folk music based
on material from its members' home
counties of Nordmøre, Rogaland and
Vest-Agder. The group offers music with a
broad geographic and musical range. The
folk songs, ballads, and springar, pols and
halling dance tunes they play have deep
roots in Norwegian folk music tradition that
they combine with compelling and original
arrangements. Here we find strong vocal
performances, spellbinding guitar and
percussion playing, an integrated sound
and striking ensemble work.
Onkelfolke's modern use of acoustics and
attractive soundscape represent an
important contribution to Norwegian folk
music. New sounds built on traditional
music. A cohesive album.