Oberton Music Company

A full-house audio production and music management company.

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Oberton is a specialized music company combining full-house audio production with A to Z music management, promotion and artist development. Oberton’s mission is to increase the recognition, presence and accessibility of contemporary Armenian music in the global music industry by empowering Armenian talent to unleash their full potential with professional music management. The company was founded inspired by the potential of contemporary Armenian artists and the musical heritage of Armenian culture. Oberton specializes in crafting musical content, with a strong emphasis on shedding light on non-commercial music and showcasing high-profile artists primarily from alternative genres. The company’s portfolio includes the production of albums, singles, EPs, and music videos across a wide spectrum of non-mainstream musical expressions, from indie to experimental. Throughout its both commercial, non-commercial and social projects, Oberton has collaborated with the Center Stage cultural exchange program by the US State Department, the World Wildlife Fund, State Tourism Committee of Armenia, and other national and international organizations. Oberton has recently expanded expertise to encompass film scoring and post-production for short films. This expansion has garnered acclaim, including two notable nominations at prestigious film festivals, underscoring our commitment to artistic excellence.

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  • WOMEX 2023
stand number WOMEX 23: 133


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