Carla Pires
CARTOGRAFADO - CD cover | Credits: Aurélio Vasques


CARTOGRAFADO (FADO’S CARTOGRAFY) A planetary view of the passage of fado through the paths of the world.
  • 1 Cartografado
  • 2 Vida Nova
  • 3 Viarafado
  • 4 Os vinhos dos portos
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Video clip of the title-track "Cartografado"
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CARTOGRAFADO, is the fourth studio album by Carla Pires following AQUI (2016), ROTA DAS PAIXÕES (2012) and ILHA DO MEU FADO (2005).

The modernity of Portuguese music with multiple roots, that are cosmopolitan but also rural, national, but also well-traveled, is present here. In these places where we unexpectedly stop and chat, and the listener is challenged to pass into another time and get in touch with the wanderings of fado trough the paths of the world, happily surrendering to the tropical flavours of chorinhos and mornas, entangling itself with rural voices and flamenco bulerias in a feast of appeal and desire. The bewilderment of a loving loss, reckoning with life and destiny, encounters in the landscapes of silence and solitude, departure, adventure, luck, longing (saudade) but also returning and feasting are present here. Silences and voices mirroring a harvest of emotions from the four corners of the world, in the apprenticeship of the soul, while going through so many uncertain and mysterious places, charting for us a cartography of a fado in motion, made of points that reach the depths of laughter and crying. By connecting these points, the emotional richness of Carla Pires' voice draws the lines of CARTOGRAFADO.

Carla Pires - led vocal
Bernardo Couto - Portuguese guitar | André M. Santos - classical guitar | João Novais - double bass
António Barbosa - violin | Otto Pereira – violin | João Barata - viola | Raquel Merrelho - cello
Elsa Matos Gomes - mezzo soprano | Marta Ribeiro - alto | João Pedro Afonso - tenor | Rui Bôrras-bass & Marta Chasqueira - handclaps.
Kyriakos Gouventas - violin in “Sei de um Silêncio” ( recorded by Nikos Piloglou at Arion Studio in Athens in May 2019)
André M. Santos - arrangements, musical direction & editing
Fernando Nunes - recording, mixing & mastering
Aurélio Vasques - photography
Michales Loukovikas - translation into English
Cristiana Serejo - design
Amélia Muge - artistic direction & texts
Joaquim Balas - executive producer
Ocarina Music - Record label
Recorded at Atlantico Blue Studios, Paço de Arcos-Portugal, between April and May 2019.
Mixing and mastering at Pé de Vento Studio, Salvaterra de Magos-Porugal.