Oficina de Artistas / Puente

From Argentina and Latin America
[Booking-Production-Content Development for Culture]

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OFICINA DE ARTISTAS/KAROL ZINGALI is a member of SoL Sonidos Latinos, founding member of the MMF Latam (Latin American Association of Musical Managers) and founding member of the Red de Productoras Córdoba (Córdoba Producers’ Network).
In 2007 she created, and became manager of, the Oficina de Artistas (Artists’ Office), a music production company and artist agency which operates out of the centre of Argentina and manages and develops artists, produces concerts, organises tours and festivals and creates content for culture and art, in coordination with public entities, universities and companies. The leading Argentine singer, songwriter and percussionist Vivi Pozzebón is one of the artists that Karol and her team manage.
Other artists who have passed through the Oficina de Artistas are Juana Molina, Arnaldo Antunes, Jaques Morelenbaum, Naná Vasconcelos, Tonolec, Liliana Herrero, Hermanos Ballumbrosio, Cristina Banegas, Juan Gelman and Rodolfo Mederos Trío, among others.
Since 2013, the Oficina de Artistas has directed the Festival Mujeres al Griego (Women’s Music Festival – celebrating the goddesses of music and art) and has created other festivals such as the M Festival de Montaña, M Festival and Cordotrónica.
The Oficina de Artistas has participated in diverse music markets, such as Mica, Mica Regional and MicSur (Argentina), Imesur (Chile), Circulart (Colombia), Fimven (Venezuela), Girart (Argentina), Bafim (Argentina), FIFBA- Festival in the Woods (La Plata, Buenos Aires), Fimpro (Guadalajara, Mexico), AM-PM -America for its music- (Cuba), MaMA (France), Micsur (Colombia) and Womex (Spain), MMVV ( Vic,Spain), Fira B ( Mallorca, Spain and Womex ( Katowice,Poland).

Karol is also active in the area of training, and has given courses in "The Management and Production of Live Music" throughout Argentina, under the National Programme of Collective Momentum (Programa Nacional Impulso Colectivo), in partnership with Paula Rivera from PR Producciones. She has also given these courses internationally, through Imesur-Chile, AM.PM-Cuba and Fimven-Venezuela,


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Vivi Pozzebón