Poole, Soeborg, Kumar

"Global Accent

  • event type:Concert
  • date:27 Oct 2011
  • time:11:00
  • city/area:Copenhagen 2100 Kbh Ø
  • venue:Udlændingeservice, Ryesgade 53
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Global Fusion, Instrumental
  • event posted by:Ohlsen, Kasper Søeborg

Poole, Søeborg & Kumar
”Global Accent Concert”

Two of Danish musics fine veterans, Chris Poole (flute) & Kasper Søeborg (guitar) join forces with the internationally famous Tabla Master : Nantha Kumar.
This concert and musical meeting will take its outspring from the collaboration on the new CD:
”Global Accent” is Chris Poole & Kasper Søeborg's second CD together. They both have a long line of solo CD's out as well as the duo's critically acclaimed CD ”Waterlights”.
This time Chris and Kasper have invited a handful of musician friends – like the internationally reknown Nantha Kumar to join them in the studio. The result is music with elements from Scandinavia, Andalucia, and India. This is original instrumental music with an international and eclectic sound to it - North meets South and East meets West in a unique blend. Still, the core around which everything revolves is the collaboration built up over many years between the flute and guitar player.

The press Wrote:

“It’s a Winner!” (New Jersey Jazz)

”Open horizons with Nordic roots”
”It is refreshing when the postcards from the world has an Andaluzian sender, and you also feel that the residence on the creative free Island El Hierro (Islas Canarias) where Nantha and Kasper have met, has been a powerfull inspiration. It is a CD and a univers with its own sound. Nice soundscapes open up, and far along the way, i like the wiew. Check it out, because it has great meditative qualities and an identity that opens more and more up.” (Gaffa)

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