Le Trio Gallo, Kumar, Søeborg

Le Trio Gallo, Kumar, Søeborg
El Duende Live

Line up

  • Kasper Søeborg Ohlsen ( Spanish Guitar, 12-string guitar)
  • Luis Gallo (Flamenco guitar)
  • Nantha Kumar (Tabla)


The Spanish flamenco guitarist Luis Gallo, Tabla master Nantha Kumar from Singapore (now resident in Madrid), and the Danish guitarist Kasper Søeborg, have formed a trio that plays flamenco fusion with elements from jazz and Indian music.
Luis Gallo performs regularly with other famous Spanish musicians and is part of the "Ara Malikian Ensemble" and "Mahavishnu Flamenco Project", and both constellations also involve Nantha Kumar. Søeborg and Kumar have played together in various projects since 2009.
In addition to Tabla, Nantha Kumar also plays Cajon (the traditional flamenco rhythm box), and has toured in more than 40 different countries around the world, playing with many of the internationally famous jazz / world music stars. For example, the violin virtuoso L.Subramamian, the great tabla master Zakir Hussain, and in the jazz world: Richard Bona, Dennis Chambers, Sixun, Torsten De Winkel, and many more. In flamenco: Juan Manuel Carnizares, Guadalqevir, Jorge Pardo, Manglis Luis Cobo and many more.
Le Trio met at the world music festival "Bimbache OpenArt" on the volcanic island of El Hierro , where they jammed and played a concert with Jorge Pardo, the great flamenco king Paco De Lucia's sidekick as flute and sax musician through a musical era .
Kasper Søeborg (Copenhagen, DK) is an experienced guitarist and composer with 9 CDs and 3 books, all documenting his original music at the music publisher "Olafssongs".A CD with Le Trio: "Cosmic Juggling", was released in 2016 by the Danish publisher "Olafssongs". It was DMA nominated with Kasper Søeborg as composer of the year.