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Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis ( Womex showcase 2016) are opening for RADIOHEAD US tour in 9 cities this month and performing twice at the Coachella festival. In the midst of the US political climate , this was not an accident to put on this cross cultural Jewish - Arabic band.
Quoting :
the hypnotizing male singer introduces his group as Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis, and beckons a woman onstage with brown curl tendrils and a white gown and she crushes the remainder of the set with her ridiculous vocal runs and devoted twirling as he proceeds to shred on his heavily-delayed, overdriven guitar. Every note she sings, every note he plays, an elixir for the commonplace.
The Kuwaitis expose their souls to us; completely unselfconscious, clapping, smiling, passionate, humble, and this vulnerability encourages many girls around me to stand up and try belly dancing. I even smell some reefer.

article submitted by:Yvonne Kahan, OLAMALÉ International Booking