Victoria Hanna

Victoria Hanna
Victoria Hanna


Composed by Victoria Hanna, Musical production Tamir Muscat
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  • country:Israel
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Electronic, Contemporary
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, a cappella, electronic, percussion
  • artist submitted by:OLAMALÉ International Booking

Line up

  • Giori Politi (Drums Samplers)
  • Roy Rabinovic (Bass guitar)
  • Victoria Hanna (Vocals )
  • Yarden Erez (Accordeon, Guitar, Keyboard)


Defying definition, the inspired work of Victoria Hanna depicts her ongoing experimentation with vocal conceptual boundaries of language and culture. This vocal artist enacts in her work a unique presentation of sacred Hebrew texts, prayers and chants, in an entirely modern context, adding and integrating theatre, music, spoken word .Victoria has performed in premier venues, theatres and international performing arts festival worldwide.
Victoria Hanna :
"My debut album consists entirely of ancient Hebrew texts with which I grew up.
Part 1 – Victoria – focuses on the power of speech and breaking it down into its component letters – it is rhythmic – produced by Tamir Muskat.
Part 2 – Hanna – focuses on the voice that breaks through, the voice that calls – it is melodic – produced by sound artist Frank van der Weij.
Victoria and Hanna are my two grandmothers, after whom I am named.
They were both married as girls, against their will.
Victoria – rebelled, stood up for herself, had a courageous heart and was revolutionary for me.
Hanna – was withdrawn, served, surrendered and was my home and my heart.
They are both within me."

“Hanna is blessed with one of those voices that demands full attention, holding audiences rapt and leaving mouths agape “- Time Out New York


Victoria Hanna