MAKADEM - MAKADEM tours 2013



by Makadem
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  • date:25 Jan 2013 - 14 Jul 2013
  • area:Denmark, Sweden, Canada, USA, Mexico
  • style(s):Fusion, Benga
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Europe / Russia, Latin America, North America
  • tour posted by:One World

Confirmed Dates

MAKADEM feat Carl Winther & Yuliesky Gonzalez
January 25th KULTURHUSET GIMLE, Føllenslev
January 26th ATLAS, Aarhus
February 9th LIONS & BARRELS, CPH
July 4th-7th SUNFEST, CANADA
July 10th SOB´s New York, USA

Offered Dates

Tour in Europe 14th June -30th June
Tour in Canada 1st July - 8th July
Tour in USA 9th July - 19th July
Tour in Mexico 20th July - 30th July


Clamed to be "Kenyas Fela Kuti", his songs speaks of the fluid nature of modern African culture. With a deep understanding of his roots and the ongoing politics., he demonstrate the fusion that is at the heart in African identity. Makadems excellent musical sense, charm and humor, contributies to any stage with an amazing presence.

Makadem is a specialist in Benga music, a style that is arguably the most distinctive sound to have come out of Kenya's 70 years of creating urban music. Benga spread from the shores of Lake Victoria in the west where Makadem was born. His music is full of tradition and with a lot of story telling.

The Nairobi based musicians, is a tight gospel singing band, grovy and swinging and completely syncked with the precise direction of their bandleader, giving Makadem total freedom of

improvisation on stage.

Keyboardplayer and percussionist Shadrack Makau, bass player Chao Otieno and drummer Mathew Matix make everything groove. Guitarist John Mutombo is a Congolese Jimmy Hendrix. Rappers, Jazz pianists, Cuban hornsections and Latin and Arabic percussionists, have added to the international shows. Each musician on stage with Makadem, adds with his own musical personality. His special guests, topmusicians Yuliesky Gonzalez on trumpet and Carl Winther on keys, set the level even higher, with improvisations from the jazz world, and afro cuban rhythms with elegant trumpet playing and funky keyboard playing, a mix that feels natural and surpricing at the same time.

Makadem has become one of Kenya's most prominent contemporary artists. Every where he has perfomed, from Danish school classes, opening for Seun Kuti, to opening Cannes Film Festival, to being a headname of Mexicos Ollin Kan Festival, performing for 40.000 guests, he has taken the audience with storm.