3 One World projects Awarded

CRownjewels from Kenya by Carolina Vallejo

Very happy to announce that 3 of ONE WORLD´s international projects have been selected and Awarded this year by KODA (collective rights management society), DMF (Danish Musicians Association) and The Danish Arts Foundation!!! Congratulalions Makadem, Yuliesky Gonzalez and Carl Winther! This makes it possible to present and create great music and recordings, and to provide the audience with high quality projects! Thank you!!!! This years tours have been supported by DMF (Danish Musicians Association), The Foreign Ministry, The Danish Arts Foundation, WMD (World Music Denmark), MXD (Danish Music Export), DCCD & JazzDanmark! This is amazing and a proof of high quality music. One World has invested years of work and participations in Womex and International Festivals and providing registration and presentation of the music during the years. I am very thankfull to the skilled musicians I collaborate with and for all the fantastic people who have supported the work, like photographers and sound engineers whithout whom we couldnt have done it. Also thank you to the venues and festivals who have selected our projects! At the same time I am very grateful to have been honored with more than 25 Awards & grants for my art works, this year by the Danish Art Foundation for an upcoming jewellery design exhibition. 2012 is a great year to remember and we are looking much forward to all the good things coming in 2013!

article posted by:Carolina Vallejo, One World