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Sekou Kouyate Experience

SEKOU KOUYATE EXPERIENCE is a musical project that unites the African virtuoso with Slovenian musicians who are actively involved in playing West African music. The result of the project is an energy-packed whole created with the interplay between traditional African music and various jazz, funk, rock and reggae sounds with a lot of lyricism. The songs are mostly originals with some arranged traditionals. The Group has performed all over Slovenia on festivals and in clubs in 2011.

SEKOU KOUYATE is a musician from Guinea Conakry living in France, who earned himself the nickname The Jimmi Hendrix of Africa and Sékou Kora. He plays the 21-string African harp called Kora, added wauw wauw pedals. In his cousins group Ba Cissoko, who performing all over the world, the kora is often supplemented by electrical effects, which usually rock guitarists use. Sekou comes from the Griot family, a West African family of artists. Their role and mission have always been carrying on news, resolving conflicts, record history in songs and, of course, preserve music and dance, which is still being used to accompany rituals and ceremonies such as birth, baptism, marriage and death. In the last decades the music of Griots got a lot of attention across the world with the popularization of the 3rd world music. Characteristically for this type of music are the exceptional melodious sounds and the rhythmical motion. The pre-colonial kingdoms of West Africa were very familiar with the Arabian arts, which were then at the same time influencing the European Renaissance music with the development of string musical instruments. The Kora can be retuned into the major scale or into the parallel minor scale and includes three and a half octaves. Once the Kora only accompanied singing but is nowadays considered as a solo instrument on which all types of music styles can be played as well.

line up

Sekou Kouyate - kora, vocals, guitar
Igor Leonardi - guitar,guitar sinth
Damir Mazrek - percussion
Nino de Gleria - bass
Enos Kugler - drums




Sekou Kouyate Experience

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by Sekou Kouyate

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