SEKOU KOUYATE - Electric Kora Tour 2017

Sekou Kouyate Live
Childo Tomas
Tony Moreaux
Francis Kweku Osei
Carl Winther
  • date:08 Apr 2017 - 05 Nov 2017
  • area:Germany, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Zanzibar, Mexico
  • style(s):Jazz, Manding
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Africa, Europe / Russia, Latin America, North America
  • tour posted by:One World

Confirmed Dates

shows 2017 (more to come)

8 April Electrafrique Festival Berlin, Germany
12 May Jazztage Festival Görlitz, Germany
20 May The Spirit of Tengri Festival Almaty, Kazakhstan
12 June Mediteranne Festival
6 July Festival Canada TBC
7 July Festival Canada TBC
8 July Festival Canada TBC
21 August The 4321 Event Tipper Music, St Louis, USA
1 September Jahazi Jazz Festival, Zanzibar
2 September Jahazi Jazz Festival, Zanzibar
3 September Jahazi Jazz Festival, Zanzibar
23 October Festival Cervantino, Guanajuato, Mexico

Offered Dates

May Europe
June Europe
July Europe & Canada
August USA
September East & Southern Africa
October Europe & Mexico


TONY MOREAUX Congas & Perc

‘Sekou Kouyate is one of Africa’s most exhilarating Kora players’
Robin Denselow, The Guardian

The vissionary Guinean virtuoso and multi- instumentalist Sekou Kouyate, sets new standards for West African traditional music to enter the stages of contemporary music. Both a great master of the classical musical tradition as well as a Modern Guinean Kora player. Yet preserving the virtues and techniques of the beautiful instrument, and the knowledge he has proudly inherited from his father, M ́Bady Kouyate (who toured with Miriam Makeba & Harry Belafonte), and while you know it's still a Kora, the things he does with it, turn it on its head; it's little wonder he's been called the Jimi Hendrix of the instrument. The sound becomes totally new, exciting waterfalls of notes that are palpably thrilling. He has been called ‘a Musical Genius’ and ‘The most exiting musician to have come out of the New Generation of the African Continent’ and ‘Worlds best Kora player of his Generation’. Constantly curious and freely experimenting with new sounds, Sekou’s ideas have many sound layers that he extracts from this rich instrument, with its endless possibilities for complex combinations of tones and polyrhythms, and which he performs with great individual expression. Singing with his velvet soft, rich voice, and performing with a natural abundance of feeling and technique, it is always an emotionally rewarding experience to enjoy Sekou Kouyate ́s music. His music is a groovy, soulfull mix of classical Mandingo, and details of Blues, Flamenco, Soul, Jazz and Afro Funk. Hard to describe in few terms, Sekou Kouyate has created a music style of its own. Sekou’s thick, soulful voice, extraordinary playing and the invention of the electric Kora with added experimental ‘Wa Wa’ effects, has inspired a whole new generation of Kora players and earned him several Awards. among those his solo album ‘Sabaru’ won Gold Medal Global Music Awards and was selected by World Music Charts Europe 100 best albums of 2016 & ‘Live at Afrika Festival Hertme' got a 5 star review in Songlines October 2016.

Carl Winther The Award Winning piano vituoso, has been performing with the likes of Billy Hart, Jerry Bergonzi, Bill Evans, Daniel Humiar, Adam Nussbaum, James Genus and Till Broenner, to name some. His performance is groovy and breathtaking. Son of the world famous composer and trumpet player, Jens Winther, Carl started touring with his father at an early age and earned a fluent ability to improvise. Educated in Jazz and Classic Music, and with a true love for Latin and African rhythms, the funky styles of Herbie Hancock's 70s music, his own avantgardeistic ideas, all this combines for a perfect music mate for Kouyate.

Childo Tomás Mozambique’s bass player number one, playing for more than a decade with Cuban pianist Omar Sosa. The rhythms and melodies bubbling up inside him contain the essence of African sound. Use of pedals, adding constant sound surprises, while keeping a volcanic groove with exiting walk s on the bass, and ever elegant afro jazz funk playing.

Francis Kweku Osei With an 18 years busy carrier, Osei is Ghanas Drummer number one. He was the drummer of the legendary Pat Thomas for 8 years, then gave the task to his drum student, as he got busy with own projects.He owns Groove House Recording Studios in Accra and is has a TAMA sponsorship, the first to be given an African musician.

Tony Moreaux Cuban conga master who is the many years percussionist of Afro Cuban All Stars and Carlos Manuel y Su Clan, touring the world with them and other Cuban ensembles, and educated at the Esteban Salas Music School in Santiago de Cuba and The Royal Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen.