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meet us at The Danish Stand 3.8

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New CD:

Since the last digital release “Best of Oriental Mood” (2018) at Gateway - LBKhaled & Oriental Mood is now facing a new profile, as a quartet; playing arab/african/andalucian music with LBKhaleds compositions as a trademark.

Oriental Mood is a never ending story. Now they enter a new phase of its life. Since 1992 it has been music with roots in Arabian/Turkish music - now they found their own way.

LBKhaled & Oriental Mood quartet
Presents the "Oriental Re-Cut" tour nov. 2019
Guest stars:
Karima Nayt (algeria) – vocal
Shashank Subramaniyam (India) - Flute
Gustav Rey (Denmark)Vocal
special guest : Fredrik Gille: perc.
Oriental Mood :
Lars Bo Kujahn: Kanun, perc.
Poul J Knudsen: Guitar
Ole Reimer: Trumpet
15 Years ago ”Oriental Cut” produced by Oriental Mood made a successful tour from Berlin to Beirut with 8 concerts in Berlin, Copenhagen, Cairo, Beirut and Damascus. Now - as a 15 years anivesery - Oriental Mood presents a new line up for the Autumn 2019. The music will be a mix of old compositions from Oriental Cut (2004), and new compositions made specially for this lineup.
"Oriental Re-Cut" tour nov. 2019

7/11 Stockholm : “Stallet”
8/11 "Baltoppen" (copenhagen)

Booking / management:
larsbo.kujahn@gmail.com tlf.:+45-20217089

Line up:

Poul J Knudsen is one of the leading performers of Flamenco Guitar in Denmark.
Mirwais Fedai has an Afghan background but grew up in Denmark and is today one of the best tabla players in Scandinavia.
Lars Bo "Khaled" Kujahns bandleader, plays Kanun, Arabic percussion. and played his first concert in 1975 ... and then more than 1,001 ..
Ole Reimer is a trumpeter with a special in the Balkans / Klezmer - and plays with "Klesmofobia" and "Asun".
Arabic and Gypsy music from Andalucia was - and is characterized by improvisation - the ability to convey mood at the moment. The music is scented with spontaneous whims, and many solos on both Qanun, Indian tabla and flamenco guitar.

A spiritual inspiration aimed at creating a bridge between Western and Eastern cultures - to present the best of the Arab maqam to the most funky and Middle Eastern beats.
Booking and Contact: larsbo.kujahn@gmail-com 20217089
Oriental Mood :”Best of Oriental Mood - 1994-2018”
Oriental Mood : ”Oriental Timing” (2017)
Oriental Mood : ”Manzar Gamil” (2013)
Oriental Mood : “Muktalef” (2007)
Oriental Mood: “Oriental Cut” (2003)
Oriental Mood: “Oriental Visits” (2001)
Oriental Mood: “Best of Oriental Mood +2″ (1999) �·
Oriental Mood: “Oriental Garden”(1998)�·
Oriental Mood: “Oriental Moods”(1996) �·
Oriental Mood: “Travels”(1994) �·

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