Oriental Mood

Fatma Zidan & Oriental Mood

Fatma Zidan & Oriental Mood


Danish world track of 2008
  • 1 Yoma
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Fatma Zidan & Oriental Mood

Concert at Blaagaards Plads in the middle of Copenhagen at the Famous "Noerre Bro(nx)".
A tribute to all the emigrants in this part of the city - a concert for free in the Ramadan !

As a direct result of hard and optimistic work with the release of ”Muktalef” (2007-8)– and the cooperation With the Egyptian singer Fatma Zidan – they succeeded to win this year Danish Music Award for best ”World Track 2008” with the song “Yoma”, performed by egyptian singer Fatma Zidan.

Oriental Mood is now entering a new phase of its life. Since 1992 it has been music with roots in Arabian/Turkish music - now they found their own way.
A spiritually inspiration with the purpose of creating a bridge between the western and eastern cultures - to be able to present the best from the Arabian maqam and the most funky western beat.

Oriental Mood lineup:

Fatma Zidan : vocal – Lars Bo Kujahn : qanun, tabla Rasmus Glendorf : drums – Simon Dyhr : bass – Nils Raae : keyboards, mouthharp – Bilal Irshed : Oud - Tine Vitkov : klarinet – Lars ”Lyd” Jensen ” : soundengineer
kontakt :
Lars Bo Kujahn