"Oriental Re-Cut" tour nov. 2019

Oriental Mood


Oriental Timing
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Oriental Mood and Gustav Rey - 2019
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"Oriental Mood"
Presents the
"Oriental Re-Cut" tour nov. 2019

Guest stars:

Shashank Subramaniyam (India) - Flute

Karima Nait (algeria) – vocal

Gustav Rey (DK / Spain) vocal –

HC Andersen said: "Traveling is to live" –
We live by HC Andersen's providence by presenting this musical journey with the award-winning Indian flute player Shashank Subramaniyam - the charismatic singer Karima Nayt from Algeria and the resident Danish / Spanish flamenco singer Gustav Rey.
In this turbulent time with fake news and google/facebook as the most important factors in many people's lives, it is important to present the live music based on the global reality - which after all also offers beautiful and intense experiences.
Here, Oriental Mood proudly presents its "Oriental Re-Cut" project - with an experience and joy of life that continues since "Oriental Cut" was first presented in 2004.
The message is very simple - but nevertheless more important than ever.
From the world famous poet and philosopher Rumi:
"Love is the infinite sea whose sky is a bubble of foam. Know that it is the waves of love that get the wheels of heaven to turn; without love the world would be lifeless ”.

Oriental Mood lineup :

Lars Bo Kujahn: Kanun, perc.
Poul J Knudsen: Guitar
Fredrik Gille : perc.
Ole Reimer: Trumpet

15 years ago, "Oriental Cut" produced by Oriental Mood toured one successful trip from Berlin to Beirut with 8 concerts in Berlin, Copenhagen, Cairo, Beirut and Damascus. Now - as a 15th anniversary - Oriental Mood is presenting a new line up until Nov. 2019.
The music will be a mixture of old compositions from Oriental Cut (2004), and new compositions made specifically for this tour.

Oriental Mood has since 1994 played more than 500 concerts at festivals / venues and theaters in: Denmark, Greenland, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Malaysia, Pakistan, Finland and India.

"Oriental Re-Cut" tour nov. 2019:

7/11 ”Stallet” - Stockholm
8/11 "Baltoppen" - Copenhagen

article posted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production