Fatma Zidan - 2022-23

Fatma Zidan


Fatma Zidan single 2018
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Kive in Aarhus Concerthouse
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Award-winning Arabic diva
ready with a new tour

Now you get the opportunity to experience the Egyptian singer
and composer Fatma Zidan, living in Denmark when she and
her ensemble are available for concerts in 2022-2023

Fatma Zidan presents a mixed bouquet with both her
own songs and some of the classics of the greatest Arab divas.
Audiences will also be able to enjoy examples from her latest
releases (gatewaymusic.dk), Zaman, which is anchored in
the classical Arabic musical tradition, and Ghurba (exile),
which is an Egyptian pop song (maxi single).
Winner of two Danish music awards

Fatma Zidan's voice is appreciated and loved in Denmark as well
as in the Middle East. In 2004, the Arab oil sheik
Mohamed Elamodywas fascinated by her voice and
spent a million Danish kroner on getting a song (Aya Hemen)
produced, released and performed with Fatma Zidan as soloist.
look here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd38I9t2FmU
In Denmark, she has received great recognition for her
two albums Muktalef (different) from 2008 and Hawel (trial) from
2010. Both albums have been honored with a Danish music award
in the category best worldtrack, and her concerts have
received praise from many reviewers.
Artistic chameleon

Fatma Zidan is a versatile artist and her voice is tense
not only over several octaves, but also different genres. She has
both been regular singers in the Cairo Opera Choir and collaborated with
several of Egypt's greatest pop singers.

Love is a musical anchor

Although her music spans several different genres within
for Arabic music, most of the songs have one thing in common: they
is almost all about love.

FZ performed at various international festivals:
2006 Images Of the Middle East (Denmark)
2008 “Re-Orient” (Sweden)
2008 Copenhagen jazz festival (Denmark)
2009 Backa (Sweden)
2009 Malmö (Sweden)
2009 Helsingborg (Sweden)
2010 Musik i tide (Denmark)
2011 Spot festival (Denmark)
2011 Førde festival (Norway)
2011 Nordlys festival Tromsø” (Norway)
2011 Geilo (Norway)
Musik i tide 2012 (Denmark)
Womex Thessaloniki 2012 (Greece).
2013 Vancouver - Calgary (Canada )
2014 Copenhagen world music festival
2015 Copenhagen world music festival
2016 Ord Kraft (Denmark),
Copenhagen world music festival,
Malmö Festival, Car park
2017 Børn festival, Copenhagen world music festival,
Danish open belly dance festival
2017 Bregenz fatma zidan og middle east peace orchestra
2018 Tronhjem fatma zidan og middle east peace orchestra
2018 Busara festival (Zanzibar)
2019 "Middle eastern Musicfestival" Koncertkirken, Cph. DK
2020 "Global Culture Club" - Kulturium -DK

Contact and booking
E-mail: larsbo.kujahn@gmail.com

article posted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production