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Fatma Zidan


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Fatma Zidan

Award winning Arabic singer from Egypt/DK

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Ghurba & Le Daiman

Meet manager/musician Lars Bo Kujahn at the Danish “Tempi” at W2, W11-W12

The venues/festivals will have the opportunity again to experience the resident Egyptian singer and composer Fatma Zidan, when she and her ensemble's current with a series of concerts during 2021-22.
Fatma Zidan presents a mixed bouquet of both his songs and some classics from the biggest Arab divas. The audience will also offer songs from her upcoming releases, Ghurba and Le Dajman – and “Zaman” - Muwashahat classic Arab music – all recorded at Ehab Nabil Studio in Cairo.
In 2004, an Arab oil sheik was so captivated by her voice that he paid for one song produced, published and performed with Fatma Zidan as soloist on the song : “Aya Hemen”.
Winner of Danish Music Award Fatma Zidans voice is appreciated and loved both in Denmark and in the Middle East. At home in Denmark she has enjoyed great acclaim for her two world track awards in 2008 and 2010, like her concerts have received praise from critics.

Fatma Zidan presented the series of concert “Golden age of Egyptian Music” in 2013-2018, with musicians from Denmark and Egypt. Look here : “Golden age of Egyptian Divas”
Artistic chameleon Fatma Zidan is a versatile artist and her voice range not only over several octaves, but also different genres.
She has been a regular singer in Cairo's opera chorus and worked with some of The Middle East greatest pop singers.
She has recorded several hundred hits and therefore Fatma Zidan a known voice in the Middle East. Love is a musical anchor Although her music spans several genres of Arab music, most of the songs a common - they act almost all about love.

The musicians in Fatma Zidan Ensemble are :

Fatma Zidan (Egypt): Vocal - Bilal Irshed (Pal): oud,
Lars Bo Kujahn (DK): tabla, req,duf , Lars Fiil : Piano

Program: Songs by Fatma Zidan and Oum Khaltoum, Sabah, Fayruz etc.

Booking/management : mailto:larsbo.kujahn@gmail.com

article posted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production