Oriental Mood 30 years !!

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World Fusion Trance
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Oriental Mood is an adventurous story since 1992. Now they are entering a new phase of their life. HC Andersen said: "Traveling is to live" – Oriental Mood lives by HC Andersen's providence by presenting this musical journey.
Oriental Mood toured from Greenland to Borneo, Libanon, Pakistan, Germany, Holland, Italy, Egypt and many more countries…
A new release is coming up: “Salam Aleicum”– with new compositions from LBKhaled. Release autumn 2022.
Oriental Mood is now ready for new challenges. Since the last digital release "Best of Oriental Mood" (2018) at Gateway - LBKhaled & Oriental Mood now presents a new flexible lineup.
The lineup for Oriental Mood is a flexible figure that can be adjusted to the conditions for venues and festivals.
lineup :
Lars Bo "Khaled" Kujahn: bandleader: Kanun, Arabic percussion, played his first concert in 1975 - and then more than 1001…
Poul J Knudsen: guitar - is one of the leading artists of Flamenco Guitar in Denmark.
Mirwais Fedai: Indian tabla: has an Afghan background but grew up in Denmark and is today one of the best tabla players in Scandinavia.
Ole Reimer: trumpet with specialization in Balkan / Klezmer - and also plays with "Klesmofobia" and "Asun"
Special Guests with Oriental Mood can be invited:
The award-winning Indian flute playing Shashank Subramaniyam
– the charismatic singer Karima Nayt from Algeria and the resident Danish/Spanish flamenco singer Gustav Rey.
Booking/management : larsbo.kujahn@gmail.com

article posted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production