Russian post folk group Reelroad has released new album in Russia

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Russian post folk group Reelroad has released new album in Russia.
Here you can check 2 songs from the album.

"By far the best new discovery" at Globalquerque 2008, says Dirty Linen.

Reelroadъ brings ancient Russian music to life with modern arrangements, global rhythms and
boundless energy.
Traditional vocals and folk instruments reveal the band's roots, as electric
bass and drums - its youth. Reelroadъ plays traditional Russian music in an
original post-folk style in concert halls and festivals throughout Europe and
Reelroadъ's repertoire favors obscure folk songs from northern Russia and
central Siberia, music driven underground for decades. Reelroadъ has two
styles of performing Russian folk music. The first echoes the village with
the sound of Russian instruments such as the gusli (zither), zhaleika (fife)
and kaljuka. Traditional vocals are prominent, due in part to Reelroad members
Anastasia Karaseva and Aleksandrs Dmitrijevs, founders of the authentic village
choir «Dubinushka». Acoustic guitar, viola, flute and bagpipes round out the sound.
In the second style, developed for the large stage, Reelroadъ projects and amplifies
the village sound with bass guitar and drums. In addition to concert performances, Reelroadъ teaches Russian folk dances in clubs and dance schools. The band welcomes dancers of all skill levels
and aims to dispel the belief Russian folk dances are boring or difficult.
Reelroadъ has toured extensively in the United States (World music festivals in
Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, as well as Globalquerque and Lotus, the Detroit Institute
of Arts and New York City's Drom), Mexico (Festival Internacional Ollin Kan), Denmark
(GoGlobal festival), Malaysia (Rainforest World Music Festival), Latvia (Vendene), Poland
(Folk Meetings) and Finland (Faces).

article posted by:Alexey Belkin, Otava Yo