Ötödik Évszak / Fifth Season / Cinquième Saison (Hungary-France)

Ötödik Évszak / Fifth Season / Cinquième Saison (Hungary-France)


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Line up

  • Csobán Gergő Szabó  (vocals & double bass)
  • Ferenc Zimber (Hungarian cimbalom)
  • Izabella Caussanel  (vocals)
  • Máté Hegedűs (violin)
  • Sándor Csoóri Sündi  (vocals, viola & tambourine)


Showcase Times:
Friday 23 October 18:30 CEST
Friday 23 October 21:00 CEST

Ötödik Évszak/Cinquième Saison (Fifth season) is urban music played with acoustic folk instrumentation. Their melodies evoke a melancholic, romantic picture of a city infused with the spirit of Hungarian folk heritage and the memory of French salons. Their music is born in an urban setting and pays respect to tradition, playfully combining these two worlds.
Ötödik Évszak/Cinquième Saison name themselves in two languages, signifying the Franco-Hungarian blend of their music and its embodiment in the person of their singer, Izabella Caussanel, daughter of a French father and a Hungarian mother. She grew up in Paris with summers spent in the Hungarian countryside and assimilated Hungarian folk traditions from her mother, the singer Katalin Gyenis, known for her work with Vujicsics. In 2014 Izabella met the Buda Folk Band viola player and leader, Sándor Csoóri at a music camp where he was mentoring, and when forming his new band in 2018 he contacted his former student and Ötödik Évszak was born. The core of the band's repertoire is drawn from Carpathian folk songs, which become seamlessly entwined with Izabella's Gallic influences, creating an international acoustic urban music played on folk instruments.

All band members are true contemporary masters of authentic folk music. Building on this foundation they open their music to improvisation and the unique world of French chansons.
The formation founded in 2018 brings together five international musical carriers, decades of experience and years of friendly and familial ties. They have proved their love for good music in a variety of formations (Lajkó Félix, Buda Folk Band, Dresch String Quartett) and they regularly perform in Hungary, Europe and overseas.
Their honest, original and improvised acoustic urban music played on folk instruments targets audiences who are looking for quality in folk music and creativity in its adaptation.

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