Ottignon, Aron

Aron Ottignon writes hits, collaborates and listens.

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From his native New Zealand to Kreuzberg, Aron has made waves in Europe, touring with WoodKid, writing with Stromae, and also literally making an EP called Waves, which was picked up by Blue Note (along with other releases The Nile and Team Aquatic).

Mixing jazz, roots, Caribbean, Afro-beats and more, his world of music defies a Universal label. Re-gaining artistic independence in 2018, the prodigious pianist has found time for a prolific work load producing, launching his own brand Urban Trout, composing and engineering an EP every six months from his Berlin studio, in between collaborations with World Music and Afro-beat superstars. These include celebrated Senegalese percussionist Bakane Seck (featuring Grammy nominee Baaba Maal from Black Panther, Pape Diouf & Sidi Diop), and Puerto Rico based ÌFÉ . Next release (19 Nov) - So Hold Still, a 4 part suite of electro jazz with remix features from Surly (NZ) & Glenn Astro (DE).

If you canʼt find him touring his latest show (alongside 4 musicians, 2 percussionists, and a drummer), then look for his latest news and EPs on the usual social channels. And also in the new world of NFT music!

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So Hold Still

Aron Ottignon originally composed ‘So Hold Still’...