Abror Zufarov

Abror Zufarov
Abror Zufarov
Abror Zufarov
Abror Zufarov
Abror Zufarov


Traditional uzbek music
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  • country:Uzbekistan
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Traditional, Classical Music
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Solo, Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:OXUS Culture

Line up

  • Abror Zufarov (tanbur, sato, dutor, vocal)


ABROR ZUFAROV – musician - tanbur, sato, dutar player and vocal.

Family atmosphere had great impact on his interest in music. Many artists had visited his house because his both grandfather and father were masters of making tanbur, dutor and sato - traditional music instuments. His other grandfather from mother’s side also famious musician, tanbur, dutor, sato player Turgun Alimatov was the main influence of Abror’s love to performing tanbur and sato.
After his gradutation private school in 1989 he went to preparetion cource of State Conservatory of Uzbekistan for years 1989-1991.
In 1991 -1996 he stadied at traditionla music faculty of State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.
During his study with playing maqoms and traditionla musics in tanbur and sato, the same time he started to sing a traditional songs and learn skills of performance of poples hofiz’s (traditionla singer) Hoji Abdulaziz Abdurasulov, Levi Babakhanov, Domla Halim Ibodov, Yunus Rajabiy, Jurakhon Sultonov, Orif Khatamov, Rasulqori Mamadaliev, Fatohhon Mamadaliev, Hasan Rajabiy and meny others.
After his graduation on 1996 and until these days he is working at the faculty where he studed, Traditionla Music Faculty of State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.
Performing repertoire of Abror Zufarov contians from whide programm of Shashmaqom, and Fergana-Tashkent maqom ways, traditional music and songs, the music and songs compoused under the traditional music roots.
Also, Abror Zufarov making many important research on the hidden traditional music scale.
Abror Zufarov with his performance for concert and Festivals visited many countires like Netherlands (2004, 2005), France (2006, 2008), Turkey (2007, 2014), Taiwan (2008), USA (2012), Oman (2015), Finland (2015) and Estonia (2015).