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OYME as a music band strives to represent the cultures of Finno-Ugric peoples and Dagestani peoples from the mountains Northern Caucasus of Russia

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OYME is a word from the Erzya language, meaning "soul". OYME as a music band strives to represent the cultures of Finno-Ugric peoples from the Volga River and beyond, as well as Dagestani peoples from the mountains Northern Caucasus of Russia.

The group started in 2011. At its heart lay the polyphonic singing of the Mordovia. Electronic sounds highlight the uniqueness and integrity of this heart, letting the whole world discover the wholesomeness and spiritual wealth of the Mordva (Erzya and Moksha peoples). OYME became the first music band from Russia to collaborate with Grammy-winning legend of World Music, Deep Forest, recording the album Evo Devo together in 2016.

Also in 2016, Finland-Russia Society named OYME one of top 5 Finno-Ugric rappers. In 2017, the Union of Independent Critics and Journalists named OYME's music video Vaya Russia's best music video. In 2018 OYME represented Russia at the world-renown Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia. OYME's music is also used to announce fight entrances of MMA wrestler Vladimir Mineev (Volzhanin). 2019 started with the premiere of Horol Ebel, the first Dagestani music video by OYME, that emphasized the importance of preservation of cultural artifacts and native languages. Apart from Deep Forest, OYME has been working with British musicians Will Johns (a bluesman and a nephew of Eric Clapton, OYME can be heard in his 2016 album Something Old, Something New), and Julian Burdock.

The members of the group are ethnomusicologists and musicians specialising in the traditional singing techniques and traditional music instruments. Based on their own field trips to faraway villages, the members of OYME reconstruct ancient rites and rituals, as well as folk celebrations. Each of their concerts evolves into an interactive ritual that involves the audience. This interaction is a characteristic feature of OYME.

Using ancient musical heritage of Russia's diverse ethnic groups as basis, OYME constantly experiment with both music and performance. For example, they have a cultural immersion program with a series of workshops on Finno-Ugric and Dagestani traditions and music.
Their World Music show, at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, employs computers, heavy drum grooves, and both traditional and modern instruments.
OYME's plans include a double World Music album, a show based on the myths of the Erzya and Moksha peoples, and an international expedition / tour of discovery through the lands of Finno-Ugric peoples.
OYMEexpeditions starting in 2011 has been organizing tours anyone can join, to explore the cultures in the Republic of Mordovia and other regions of Russia.
OYMEexpeditions is a project where OYME members take people on expeditions to explore music and culture of the villages of Mordovia and other regions in rural Russia. While anyone can join, it is compulsory that all participants become an integral part of the team, contributing to the research as photographers, canera grips, drivers or in other roles that help get best results. Since 2011, we have taken on tour a number of journalists, as well as musicials and clipmakers.
Discography: SHTATOL (2016 album) SHTATOL mobile app
Singles: Vaya, Horol Ebel, Rasseya, Komlyanj Ava, Russia
Music Videos: Horol Ebel (2019), Vaya (2017), Oyme's Song (Deep Forest feat OYME, 2016)

SHTATOL CD first made its appearance in 2016. It included 23 songs performed by OYME as well as 16 traditional songs in Erzya and Moksha languages, collected by OYMEexpeditions, sung by village choirs.
The first album of OYME is about the customs of the yearly cycle and the corresponding folk calendar songs, wedding songs and just lyrical vocal melodies, wedding lamentations and lullabies for childrens; traditional tunes of spring, and performed in Erzya and Moksha wedding.

Mobile app to album Shtatol in 3plet format is the final part of the Shtatol Project, that includes a series of photo exhibitions, performances of village choirs as well as professional musicians and their jamming/fusion sessions.
The distinct features of the Shtatol Project are the innovative approach to bringing traditional music to modern audiences, the synergetic efgect of internet portal, CDs, and the mobile app in 3plet format.

Enjoy the world without borders and learn about the ancient vocal polyphony of the Erzyan and Mokshan with the help of OYME!


OYME's official pages on social networks:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/oymemusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oymemusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oyme

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