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O'Tridal - Karrdi Sessions


O'Tridal - Album "Karrdi Sessions"
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These three know how much the vocation of minstrels is a combat sport, a perpetual struggle to tear from the ego a collective and powerful us. For the one who remembers those interminable physics-chemistry classes in high school, the solid, the liquid and the gaseous are the three conventional states of matter.

O'Tridal seems to me to be a true illustration of this, worthy of a place in the most glorious labs. Solid, the percussive base of Kentin; liquid, the polymorphic swing of Tibo's strings and gaseous, the subtle evanescence of Yeltaz's blowers...

With these, however, it would have been too simple... As for the matter, the temperature and the pressure change the deal; the elements have fun to blur the tracks. The Breton dance is mixed with Blues, Jazz, Funk and Rock, promising disorienting journeys. The telluric hearth approaches the plasma state - rare on Earth but quite common in the Universe between us is said ... -.

And (Big) Bang! The exchange is frontal because our lascars do not forget the proximity of the dancer, the sharing of a complicit glance, the polymorphic magic of the Armorican noz.

A soup of Celtic quarks in the folk-groove sauce in fact...
But that the soup is good, gast!