"'kreiz da fas !" - Startijenn

Album 'kreiz da fas ! - Startijenn


Album 'kreiz da fas ! (Nov. 2010)
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Today STARTIJENN has become one of the most famous band on the Breton stage and is now a reference for the folk and the traditional music in Brittany.
STARTIJENN (energy in the Breton language) plays an instrumental music especially suitable for the Breton dances.
In 2006, the band released his first album. It was hailed by the critics and many concerts followed. They now have a prominent place on the Breton music scene, and have a seduced an even wider audience.
Constantly evolving, STARTIJENN is back in 2008 with “Pakit holl !”, the second album produced by PAKER PROD. Long awaited, this CD won two awards during the year 2009.
The group also experienced a great success with several gigs in Europe : Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Holland or Poland.