The Africa Rising Music Conference

Have you heard about the new Africa Rising Music Conference?

A new, female led, executive-focused conference promises to be a game-changer for African music
and its connection to the European market.

Attendance for this exclusive conference is limited and will be by invitation with a select number of public tickets available.

This unique conference will feature a mix of local and international delegates, centering around the
urban and electronic music industries and the Afro-Euro connection both of these chart topping genres provide.

Registration, via Howler, is now live, with selection by the end of April 2022.

Built with a top-tier structure, the aim of ARMC’s highly focused program is to empower and enable South African-based executives to successfully move into the international space as well as providing valuable insights and connections for international stakeholders looking to work and understand the African market.

With the primary territory of focus being The Netherlands, the conference’s International showcasing partner is The Dutch Music Export who will be supporting 15 Dutch music professionals to participate in a trade delegation at the conference, as well as bring over 4 Dutch Hip Hop / RnB artists to perform at the two live showcase events being hosted by the conference.

As part of its commitment to developing market ARMC has partnered with MTN’s Bushfire Festival creating a synergy that aims to lay the foundation for an annual opportunity to meet, engage, showcase and activate a dynamic range of topics and outputs.

Founded by long term advocate of the African music industry, Sarah Jane Nicholson, ARMC has a powerful lineup of woman ambassadors, each bringing their unique insight and skill sets to the event, more details on each to follow.

The themes of ARMC are:

Women’s Voices: Amplifying them in the Music Business
Building Bridges: Exchange between Africa & the World
Independent Africa: Developing, Understanding and Creating new opportunities

article posted by:Sarah Jane Nicholson, Paradise Worldwide