Matt Darriau / Paradox Trio


New York based PARADOX TRIO creates original
music inspired by Eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy
and downtown traditions. In the last seven years
the quartet has toured and played major festivals
throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada. Gambit,
their fourth CD, is now out on the ENJA label
(Munich)and features the Bulgarian kaval virtuoso,
Theodosii Spassov. Their cd's are regarded as a
music that gives voice to a truly organic fusion of
several idioms - unifying the high energy,
complex rhythms and oriental modes of Balkan and
Rom (gypsy) music with jazz composition and
improvisation. Their 1st CD Paradox Trio was
nominated for the prestigious 1996 German critics
With Matt Darriau (KLEZMATICS) on
Balkan reeds, Sax,
Brad Shepik on guitars,
Rufus Cappadocia on cello and Seido
Salifoski (Mace rom) on dumbek.