"Gypsy" - Reza Rohani

Reza Rohani


Gypsy by Reza Rohani
  • Gypsy
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Reza Rohani was born in 1977 in a family surrounded by music.
At the age of fifteen he left his hometown Tehran towards Germany to fulfill his dream of studying classical music. After finishing school and spending three years in the Bavarian college for music, he fell in love with jazz and this has since defined his professional life. After the college he went on to the “Hochschule fur Musik und Theater” in Hanover where he graduated in 2005. Going back to Iran after his graduation, he founded one of the
most celebrated newcomer bands in the Iranian instrumental music scene called “Beyond the Moon”, featuring Koroush Babaei, Homayoun Nasiri and Dara Daraei.
He started his Master Certificate Program at Berklee College of Music in "Composing and Arranging for Film and TV" where
he graduated from in 2014.