Mehdi Cayenne

Mehdi Cayenne
Photo: Béatrice Flynn
Credit Marie-Ève Rompré
Mehdi Cayenne
Mehdi Cayenne
Mehdi Cayenne
Mehdi Cayenne


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  • country:Canada
  • region:Québec
  • style(s):Chansons, Rock
  • label:Disque L-Abe
  • type:Solo, Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter, rock band, pop group, unplugged
  • artist posted by:PASA Musik

Line up

  • François Gravel (Keyboards)
  • Olivier Bernatchez (Drums)


"I'll dance ‘till I die - and whoever loves me follows me"

Candid, explosive, intense, raw: Mehdi Cayenne universe oscillates between frenzy and serenity. His songwriting is astute, fantastical and poignant. Existing somewhere between chanson and post-punk, with a pop sensibility and without any gratuitous ornamentation, the music is radically unique. Mehdi is more and more sought out in Canada as well as in France, performing opening acts for well known artists in both countries.

Mehdi Cayenne is a free electron, a real unclassifiable in the international Francophonie.
With a vast sound palette mixing soft and abrasive, he has - during his last three albums "Luminata" in 2011, "Na Na Boo Boo" in 2013 and "Aube" in 2015 - develop his eclectic approach, minimalist and evocative.

After many tours in Canada as well as in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, he returns to share the songs of his new album to be released this year, "Radio Batata", - recorded in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Paris.

The soft and paradoxical folk-rock of his latest opus will have served as an entry for the future: a clean break, an outbreak, a bonfire, both intense and accessible.
More colorful, more danceable, more unusual: it synthesizes influences of Death Grips to the Creole Company for a modern French work, without equivalence in the current landscape.
But Batata Radio is not just an alternative pop album, it's a whole world: inspired by "L’écorce et le noyau" (radio documentary about his family that he co-directed with Magneto) , Mehdi offers poetic chronicles every year on Radio-Canada, as well as shaping several other audio-visual surprises like the project.

Serious, subtle, and smiling, Mehdi Cayenne will trigger unforeseen events throughout the year, before unveiling the full album - it's up to you to catch it on the road, maybe even aboard the Batata-mobile!